MAGAZINE WORLD: The Dream Talk Marriage, Music, & Happiness with Honey Magazine

The Dream serves as the cover feature for Honey Magazine’s online issue. He presents an insightful interview on the state of his marriage with Christina Milian, his musical career and… Read some excerpts below. You can catch the full article, some more photos, and a behind the scenes video over at Honey Magazine.

Honey Magazine: You know I have to ask you about this whole retirement thing. You’ve disappointed a gang of women who are addicted to your music. I’ve also heard that you’ve changed your mind. What’s the deal?
I’m still going to do it [retire]. You know why? At first, I was like “Okay, maybe I’ll do another one.” You know what I hate dealing with, though? When you got something you love, make sure that you let people know that you love it or you let the haters win. You know there’s so much negative tension brewing in music, especially my music, and that always happens when you get to a certain place. It’s the same negative attention that I get most of the time and then in the dark, everybody loves me.

So if you had to choose, would you rather be producing and writing for other people or being an artist?
I would probably rather write. It would be at my pace. It would be the more creative things I would do, because you have to understand, there’s a fan base for the type of music I make. But the same people that listen to “Purple Kisses,” “Falsetto,” and “Rocking That,” most of them have no idea that I wrote “Umbrella,” because of me giving up those records. I make that sacrifice.

Let’s talk about your relationship. So you are married to one of the most beautiful women in entertainment right now. This is also your second marriage. How is it? The second time around do you feel like you’re learning from your past? More prepared for this one?
Still learning. I’m definitely way more mature in this relationship. I’m probably just mature overall because my grandfather raised me. I probably should be more nonchalant. I’m in a place where everything is serious no matter what it is and she with me like, “This guy’s crazy.” Of course I make sense at the end of the day because I’ll explain [myself]. As far as money — you got to be careful how you’re spending. Are you thinking about 10 years from now? It’s certain things that become meaningful in a relationship that’s not that real when you’re just boyfriend and girlfriend. The things I think about are a little bit different and those are things she’s learning from me and what I have to do is be more patient.

I love Honey Magazine. They are always so relevant and The Dream is definitely an artist on the tip of our tongues. He came off slightly cocky in this interview, but I understand why he feels like the industry snubs him.


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