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FASHION WORLD: Solange for “Refinery 29”

Solange posed for some uber cute fashion photos with for Refinary 29. She also sat down for an interview. Peep the photos and interview below.

Who are your style heroes?
“My mom in the ’70s and ’80s! She was a bad bitch. Sex and the City totally jacked her steez on the camels. I have a pic of her on a camel ride in Egypt in the ’80s serving the hell out of that desert! Also, Diana Ross, The Fela Kuti Queens, Björk, ’70s-era Chaka Khan, Chloë Sevigny, ’90s Erykah Badu.”

What’s your secret style weapon?
“Shoes! I’m all about the shoes! I order a ton of them online and play with my entire wardrobe until I find the right shoe. Unfortunately, so many people get it right from the head until the ankles. The shoe is very important. I can’t even fuck with you if your shoe game is slacking.”

Tell us a little bit about working on the new album.
“I went up to Santa Barbara, found this house on five acres in the mountains and invited a bunch of amazing musicians to come live there with me for a month and just experiment. We woke up around 10 a.m. and made music until midnight, all of course while drinking good wine, picking avocados from the trees outside to make guacamole, and maybe enjoying a joint or two. I left the process a little crazy, but I really feel like I came into my own.”

Musically, how is it going to be different from your previous records?
“’80s jams for sure! Early Chaka Khan, ’80s Janet Jackson, S.O.S. Band, Prince, and of course the great Michael Jackson! We went extremely natural and raw when it came down to the production. Blowing into beer bottles, playing flower vases, tapping on chairs with pencils, and even recording a house party we had for Memorial Day as a sample. My previous record was extremely inspired by ’60s Motown, and was very conceptual and polished. With this record, it was completely opposite. We kind of partied our way through an album. It was all about letting loose, and the boogie was very important.”

You mentioned being inspired by Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principle” video. Janet was a famous younger sister who really carved out her own identity and sound. Do you ever feel you have to work harder to differentiate yourself from your older sis?
“If anything, I feel like if I didn’t have a sister who was a huge star, no one would think twice about how I look, because they would have no one to compare it to. I would just be another gal who wears loads of vintage or counts Grace Jones as inspiration. But because I’m Beyoncé’s sister, I’m an easy target to say, ‘There’s no way those two had the same parents, and have one be naturally this way…this has to be a ploy for her to appear cool!’ It makes me want to pull out pictures of five-year-old me next to nine-year-old her wearing a tutu over polka dot stockings and an old scarf over my head. It would be so much easier for me to put on a little black dress, straighten my hair, and sing about dancing in the club, but it’s not my job to prove anything. I’m here to make music, to inspire myself. I’m not selling my likability, I’m sharing my journeys. If you don’t like it, believe it’s real, or understand it…then keep my name out of your mouth.”

You’ve got such unique style, would you ever consider being involved in the family fashion business, House of Deréon?
“Why thank you very much! It’s funny you ask because I initially was involved as the spokesperson, but the clothes just didn’t reflect my personal style and I decided to hand that over. That’s the great thing about my family. We work together so closely that if something’s not working out, we can be honest about it and there won’t be any grudges or issues. I wrote a couple of songs on my sister’s last album and if there’s a line she doesn’t like, she changes it and we keep on moving. I will say though, they did just do a bedding line that I am extremely in love with and I was like, ‘Can I model that… in my house?'”

Your nails are always a statement. Can you tell us about the wildest nail art you’ve tried?
“I went through a phase about two years ago where I had an extreme nail art addiction. I had British flag nails, ice cream cones, gold spikes…the whole nine yards. I still rock my nail art but with a little bit more simplicity now.”

Do you have anything in your closet that you could never bear to throw away?
“Oh yes! A few things, but one in particular sticks out: A BCBG short, ruffled, floral, baby doll dress I’ve had since I was 16. I wore it at my wedding reception when I was 17. The waistline comes up to the middle of my boobs now, but I just can’t let go of it. It’s so perfect.”

What’s your best cheap score of late?
“A cream leather belt with a gold buckle I found at a vintage store in Santa Barbara for ten bucks. I wear it with everything now.”

You’re friends with lots of Brooklyn bands—Grizzly Bear, Dirty Projectors—how do you see those bands inspiring R&B and Hip Hop?
“Well, to be honest, I think we inspire each other. Want to know who re-introduced me to “My Boo”? Edward Droste [of Grizzly Bear]. Who played TLC’s “Creep” when I totally forgot what a jammer it was? Caroline Polachek [of Chairlift]. MGMT played Bone Thugs in Harmony’s “Creepin On Ah Come Up” backstage after one of their shows and I had total junior high flashbacks. I think so many hip-hop artists are now jumping on this weird electro bandwagon thinking it will broaden their audience instead of doing what made them them in the first place. There’s definitely a group of folks in hip-hop like Kanye, Q-Tip, and ?uestlove who know how to appreciate an album like Bitte Orca and see the beauty in it. As for R&B, I’m so bored with it. After being an R&B junkie for years, I actually turned to a lot of indie music because I was just so uninterested. I grew up loving Missy Elliott, Destiny’s Child, SWV, Aaliyah, Carl Thomas, Melody… nowadays that substance and style are kind of dead with the exception of a few.”

I LOVE her!! I’m happy to see Solange coming into her own. And a woman with a nail obsession?? I see nothing wrong with that. LOL at her departing from Dereon. It is pretty wack… Word is, all the stuff in the photos was actually from her own closet including the shoes above!

To peep the original article and see a couple more photos, click the link for Refinery 29.


(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Big Boi x T.I. “Tangerine” + “Hustle Blood” f. Jamie Foxx

After hearing snippets of the track without T.I.‘s verse, Big Boi‘s newest hit the net. It’s titled “Tangerine.” Also released today was “Hustle Blood” featuring Jamie Foxx. Both received great reception at the listening party I attended for Sir Luscious Left Foot: Son of Chico Dusty. For good reason. Listen and download both below.

“Tangerine” Big Boi x T.I.

“Hustle Blood” – Big Boi x Jamie Foxx

Make sure you cop the new album  next week. July 6th to be exact. *middle finger to the leak*

(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Drake “Greatness”

Many unreleased Drake tracks have hit the net. So many that I can’t even keep up. I’m probably bout a week late to the bloggers and music heads. To the rest of ya’ll, here’s the newest from Drizzy titled “Greatness.” Listen and download below.

“Greatness” – Drake

This track definitely could have been included in Thank Me Later as an interlude. Your thoughts?

TV WORLD: T.I. Does “Chelsea Lately”

T.I. visited “Chelsea Lately” last night for the second time around. I loved their first interview, and this one didn’t disappoint either. They have great chemistry. Check it.

I loved how when he was plugging his new film “Takers,” she interrupted him saying it was boring! Only her…

(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Andre 3000 “All Together Now”

Andre 3000 has released the full track to his cover of the Beatles song “All Together Now.” Guess this will have to do. At this point, I’ll take what I can get from him. Listen and download below.

“All Together Now” – Andre 3000

I wonder if he’s in the background because he’s working on that rumored Jimi Hendrix biopic. If so, I can wait for that.

VIDEO WORLD: DJ Khaled X ‘Nem “All I Do is Win (Remix)”

I guess DJ Khaled felt like it was FINALLY time to drop his “All I Do is Win (Remix)” video. I felt like I had seen it already. But check it below. Rick Ross, Diddy, Busta Rhymes, T-Pain, Fat Joe, Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, Jadakiss, and video chicks all make an appearance. I’m not sure who actually has a verse though.

Guess videos don’t need budgets anymore.

TV WORLD: BET Awards 2010 – Prince Tribute

If you truly know me, you should not have been surprised by how elated I was when I heard that Prince would be honored at this year’s BET Awards. I even suggested people to help honor Prince Rogers Nelson. Well, only one of mine came true, Alicia Keys. But check his tribute below.

The intro video starred Stevie Wonder, but it has yet to surface on the internet yet. As soon as it does, expect an update. In the meantime…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Janelle Monae was a perfect choice for “Let’s Go Crazy.” She did a great job! I had never heard of Esperanza Spalding before last night. I enjoyed her reindition of “If I Was Your Girlfriend Though.” The scene stealer was Alicia Keys performing “Adore” six months fully pregnant rolling on top of the piano. Prince‘s face was hilarious!! And I am the only that caught her dropping the f-bomb?? I loved it though! Then Miss Patti LaBelle came out singing “Purple Rain” putting Trey Songz’s earlier version to shame. She kicked off her shoes like only she can and Prince made sure to catch one.  It was beautiful tribute.

After they performed, Prince took the stage to accept the actual award and displayed his ultimate coolness by stating, “Please be seated. This is too much.”

Game. Blouses.

I was a little salty that he didn’t take the stage. I would’ve loved to hear some “Diamonds & Pearls” or “When Doves Cry.” But a girl can only dream I guess.