PHOTO WORLD: Alicia Keys Confirms Pregnancy

After numerous photos surfacing online, such as…

And most recently…

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats have confirmed that the increase in the width of her mid-section is indeed due to a baby! No surprise there… but exciting that they have officially announced the news. Word on the street is they are also planning a wedding for later this year. Exciting news for the couple!

Thanks Miss Info for the news.


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  1. Ok that last pic.. that dress is not cute or flattering on her at all in any way. I like A.K. so I’m not gonna say too much. Speaking of pregnancy, do you think Bey is pregnant too? Some pics have been surfacing of her as well and she has these new photos out for Dereon (I believe) and it’s like she’s playing on the rumors.. or it could just be me.

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