(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Jeezy’s “Trap or Die 2”; The Dream’s New Tracks

Jeezy (no Young) is buzzing. He plans to keep that buzz going with the release of his newest mixtape “Trap or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary.”  The mixtape features familiar tracks “Loose My Mind” featuring Plies and “Hood Politics.” Download the mixtape below.

“Trap or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary” – Jeezy

I haven’t had a chance to listen to the entire mixtape, so no review here. But enjoy it nonetheless.

The Dream decided to drop two new tracks today also. A remix to “Love King” featuring the feature king Ludacris and “Make Up Bag” featuring the King of the South, T.I. Listen and download to both below.

“Make-Up Bag” leaves me scratching my head.  I don’t how I feel about my man messing up and buying me a bag to make up. But maybe that’s just me. Decent verse from T.I. though.

“Make-Up Bag” – The Dream x T. I.

“Love King (Remix)” is the better tracks of the two. Ludacris presents his usual awesome feature verses. I like how the track is familiar, yet new. Exactly what a remix should do. Let’s bring back the remix!

“Love King (Remix)” – The Dream x Ludacris


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