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PHOTO WORLD: Alicia Keys Confirms Pregnancy

After numerous photos surfacing online, such as…

And most recently…

Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats have confirmed that the increase in the width of her mid-section is indeed due to a baby! No surprise there… but exciting that they have officially announced the news. Word on the street is they are also planning a wedding for later this year. Exciting news for the couple!

Thanks Miss Info for the news.


VIDEO WORLD: Big Boi’s “Shutterbugg”

This one almost slipped through the cracks and I’ve been THIRSTY for it. Check Big Boi’s new video for, “Shutterbugg.”

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There goes and ear-gasm. Cop his solo “debut” Sir Luscious Left Foot: Son of Chico Dusty come July 6, 2010.

TV WORLD: Janet Jackson on “American Idol”

The “American Idol” finale aired last night, and normally is would be a “who cares” moment. Except, Janet Jackson performed… AND WELL! Check her performance of “Nothing” and “Nasty” below. You can fast forward through the Idol-ers in the beginning if you wish.

Though I still think she’s lip syncing, but it’s always a delight to watch her perform. Go ‘head Ms. Jackson (if you’re nasty)!

(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: T.I. “F*#k a Mixtape”

T.I. is trying to be funny. As of about 2 minutes ago, T.I. released his buzz-builder, “F*#k a Mixtape,” mixtape. Peep the tracklist, then download below.

1. Jamie Foxx – Intro
2. Welcome Back To The Trap (Prod. By Smash Factory)
3. Spazz Out (Prod. By Swizz Beatz)
4. Whatcha Saying Tip (Prod. By Chuck Diesel)
5. Yeah Feat. Lil Wayne (Prod. By Lil C)
6. Yeah Ya Know (Prod. By DJ Toomp & Lil C)
7. Once Upon A Time
8. Here We Go Again (Prod. By Timberland)
9. Get Yo Girl Feat. Rich Kid Rashad (Prod. By Jim Jonsin)
10. Like So (Prod. By Lil C)
11. Gettin Paid (Prod. By Track Slayers)
12. Lil Duval – Fuck A Mixtape Nigga!
13. Really Livin Like That (Prod. By DJ Toomp)
14. Whether You Like It Or Not (Prod. By Amadeus)
15. Jamie Foxx – Shooting Range
16. No Competition Feat. Young Jeezy (Prod. By Black Mob)
17. Bitch Who Feat. Macboney (Prod. By Lil C)
18. Ready Set Go Feat. Killer Mike (Prod. By No I.D.)
19. Kevin Hart – Fuck A Mixtape
20. Outro
21. Celebration (Prod. By J-Rock)
22. Got Your Back Feat. Keri Hilson (Prod. By DJ Toomp)

“F#*k a Mixtape”- T.I.

No review here yet. Downloading the same time you are. Check back for my official opinion.

(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Two New Drake Tracks

Welp, looks like we’ll have most of Thank Me Later sooner than later. Check the new Drake tracks. The first is just the CDQ of “Fireworks” featuring Alicia Keys. The second is the long-rumored track “Light Up” the homie Jay-Z. Listen and download both below.

“Fireworks”-  Drake x Alicia Keys

“Light Up” – Drake x Jay-Z

I wonder if we’re gonna be thanking Drake sooner rather than later with all these leaks.

PHOTO WORLD: Have You Seen 50 Cent Lately??

50 Cent presented some pictures of himself ultra slim in preparation for his new movie, Things Fall Apart. Peep the shocking photos below.

Gross! He geared up to play a cancer patient and slimmed down from 216 pounds to 140 pounds. Word is he’s currently gaining the weight back, but this is just drastic!

VIDEO WORLD: Trey Songz “Your Side of the Bed”

Trey Songz tapped R&B beauty Keri Hilson to be the leading lady in his new video, “Your Side of the the Bed.” It’s a tear jerker for sure. Peep the video below.

*wiping away a single tear* How sweet??