VIDEO WORLD: Drake Performs “Fireworks” + Game’s Album Drop

Drake is performing “Fireworks” again. Far better quality. It slated to be the first song from his Thank Me Later album.

I wonder why he keeps performing it. Must be prepping us for June 15, 2010.

In other news:

Game‘s new album, The R.E.D. Album, drops the same day. Apparently he isn’t worried though I think he should be. Peep what he has to say about he and Drake around 3:10.

LOL @ him saying Drake is a fan of his but not reciprocating the feeling. But… Um, who is anticipating Game‘s new album more than Drake‘s?? *looking at the one person raising their hand*

P.S. Still haven’t set aside 20 minutes listen to “400 Bars.” Sorry.


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  1. Tray im still tryna figure out what this deep discern is that you have for the game.
    lol. also he is a fan of drakes, and he has expressed it on this twitter etc. also the media is low key tryna make it seem like shots fired at him and drake cuz they are releasing the same day. NOT SO. i follow both of them on twitter and the game actually give much love to drake and reminds people to support his AND Drakes upcoming albums daily. and drake says the same.

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