TV WORLD: Mo’Nique’s Brother on Oprah

Oscar winner, comedienne, and talk show host Mo’Nique, has frequently cited her ability to transform into Mary from the movie Precious, as a result of her abuse from her brother. Well, her brother, Gerald Imes, hit up Oprah to “clear his name” and offer a public apology to Mo’Nique. I watched the entire episode last night. Peep a clip and the link for more clips and information below.

Mo’Nique okay’d the interview and her mother, father, and other brother were also in attendance for the Oprah taping. My opinion is Oprah defended Mo’Nique awesomely. I find the family to make excuses for the brother’s abuse of Mo’Nique. I also feel like her parents and the rest of the family have dismissed Mo’Nique‘s feelings as a victim of child abuse. I question Gerlad’s overall participation in this interview. The family did not come off looking like the standup family they claimed to be during the interview.

If you missed it, click the link below to catch up. P.S. Oprah‘s a beast!

Clips and Overview –

Monique’s Parents Discuss the Abuse – Dime Wars


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