VIDEO WORLD: Ciara is Angry… and Rapped About It *UPDATED*

Someone pissed in Ciara’s cereal. And she’s rapping about it. I’ll let you watch it before I speak on it. Peep the video below.

Apparently this is a promo video for her new album, Basic Instinct. The track is called “You Got Me/Basic Instinct.” I like Ciara and all, but um, who’s hating on her?? She’s a far better dancer than singer in my opinion. And she just went bonkers on someone (*cough* Keri Hilson?? *cough*) but for what reason? And I didn’t know she was from the streets, I was always under the impression she was an army brat. Maybe I’m wrong…

I hope this isn’t indicative of her new material. More power to creative freedom, I guess. Your thoughts??


The Prophet Blog got it’s hands on the “unedited” version of the song. And it’s pretty f’n clear that Ciara is coming directly at Keri Hilson. She frequently mentions swag and someone who just entered the game. Listen to the unedited version below.


Well dayum! Guess she was still salty about Keri‘s “Turnin’ Me On” remix.

Thanks to Necole Bitchie for the heads up on the unedited version.


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