TV WORLD: Basketball Wives Premiere

VH1 spent last night rolling out all kinds of new shows. The more interesting of the three was “Basketball Wives” organized by Shaunie O’Neal, Shaq‘s former wife. The show serves as a reality series where these women who are wives, ex-girlfriends, or baby’s mothers to NBA players have formed a support group with each other.

Besides Shaunie, the show includes (not in order of picture):

-Royce Reed: Dwight Howard‘s baby mom who has a a gag order and cannot speak his name in public among other problems

-Gloria Govan: Matt Barnes’ fiancée and also the sister to the alleged (read: confirmed) mistress of Shaq

-Evelyn Gozada: ex-fiancée to Antoine Walker and owner of Dulce, a fly show boutique in Miami

-Jennifer Williams: wife of Eric Williams currently has a relationship on the rocks but is the owner of Flirty Girl Fitness

-Suzie Ketcham: ex-girlfriend of Michael Olowokondi, she’s been dealing with NBA player’s antics for more than 10 years

To watch the full episode, click the link below.

Basketball Wives, Episode 1

Royce dropping it like it’s hot at Ludacris’ pool party?? Hmm… no wonder Dwight Howard has put a gag order on her.


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