(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Shyne’s New Track “Messiah”

Fresh from a bid in jail and a deportation to Belize, the internet is abuzz for Shyne‘s new track “Messiah.” Listen and download below.

“Messiah” – Shyne

Is it good enough for a comeback after so many years and curbside jets flying to Belize to sign record contracts?? I’m not sure yet.


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  1. they took the song off the net….why cuz it was a piece of shit shyne sound horrible now!!! WTF happen to his voice that was 90 percent of what made his delivery dope. he sound horrible now.

    my question is where the fuck is a mystikal mixtape at thats been my dude since his first album Mind of Mystikal when nobody knew who he was. all i heard him on was a short couple bars one this song with ne yo i think. and he still sounds the same just need to hear some new ish asap.

  2. Yeah, his new ish hasn’t been too hot in my opinion and I used to rock with him. I stopped posting his new tracks because they were so weak!! lol

    And Mystikal?!? #c’mon son! No one REALLY misses him.

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