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VIDEO WORLD: B.o.B. x Playboy Tre (x T.I.) “Bet I Bust”

B.o.B. dropped the video for his track “Bet I Bust” featuring T.I. and Playboy Tre. Peep the video below.

I’m so glad to see T.I. back, I can’t even front. And I love B.o.B.’s energy.


VIDEO WORLD: T.I. Presents “I’m Back”

T.I. has released his new video to this debut single, “I’m Back.” His new album, titled King Uncaged, will be released August 17, 2010. Peep the new video below.

He’s baaaack!

TV WORLD: Trey Songz for MTV’s “Unplugged”

It was long-rumored that MTV would be rejuvenating the hugely popular series, “Unplugged.” The series features artists performing their hits in an intimate setting with a live band and usually more stripped down sound. Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, and LL Cool J are just a few of the performers to participate. Now Trey Songz can be added to the list. I’m unsure when this aired, but you can watch the entire episode (in chunks) below.

I found his performance to be pretty solid. I loved the cover of King of Leon‘s “Use Somebody,” though I wonder the age of that young lady brought on stage. O_o

I wouldn’t mind this on an album either.

(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Trey Songz is “Already Taken”

While perusing What’s in My Headphones, I saw the newest Trey Songz track, “Already Taken.”

“Already Taken” – Trey Songz

Aw, how sweet for Trey Songz. A little too B96 for my taste though. Supposedly from his new album. At this point, who cares? Trigga can just keep dropping tracks.

OPINION WORLD: “Why Can’t a Successful Black Woman Find a Man?”

A topic of debate for a while, ABC’s Nightline readdressed a familiar discussion…


First, the stats. According to the Dateline report, Black women outnumber Black men, in population alone, by almost 2 million. So that means there are 2 million more Black women in the nation than there are Black men which already creates a small pool of possibility. But the question focuses on “successful” Black women looking for a Black man. As a basis of discussion, peep a video from 3  months ago, or you can read more about the special that aired last night over at Nightline.

I could say sooo much about this topic, but I am afraid that trying to express exactly everything I feel via this post would be impossible. I also will not specifically argue the points I didn’t agree with from the special. There were far too many and I didn’t take notes. I will say though, who made Steve Harvey a relationship expert!?!? #imjustsayin

I am simply going to present a couple of theories and my opinions that can support them. The special focused more on the faults of the woman in comparison to the responsibilities of the Black man. I am not a relationship expert by far, but I find the topic interesting.

Theory 1:

Let’s face it. A lot of our Black men are in jail.

Why they are there is a whole other discussion of it’s own. But, for the sake of this post, the large population of Black men in jail has naturally decreased the available pool of men for Black women, successful or not. Out of the Black men I know, outside of college, almost 95% have spent some time in jail, including my father. Unfortunately, this has created a difficult position for Black women as many of these men find it hard to completely matriculate back into society and become successful, if they so wish to do so. This leads to career criminals and cuts the pool of potential Black men by a large margin. I’m gracing over this topic, because I could go on for days, but I think you get it.

Theory 2:

Societal and Media Influences

For many years, the light, bright, long hair, thin frame has been perpetuated as the ideal face of beauty. Eurocentric ideas of attraction have permeated every culture, not just among Black people. But, almost no other culture (even European!) have so stuck to this ancient idea of beauty like the Black man. He is not solely to blame as he doesn’t realize he has been almost forced to prefer that idea of beauty. And honestly, a lot of Black women, I included, have helped continue this tradition. Anywho, back to the topic at hand. Because of societal influences, Black men don’t find the ultimate woman or idea of beauty to be a Black woman in many cases. True preferences cannot be denied. You like what you like. But if you are choosing to ignore Black women as the type of woman built for a long term relationship entirely, I find that this theory tends to hold true. Maybe it’s time for us Black women to start exploring outside of our race as well.

Theory 3:

Unrealistic Expectations

This similarly ties into Theory 2. People expect their lives to end up like a romantic comedy. Black women are guilty of believing the one guy that has jagged us year after year that we are still in love with will come to France and sweep us off our feet (a la Mr. Big and Carrie). That simply isn’t the case. Unfortunately, holding on to that one idea of a good Black man often leads to overlooking other potential suitable mates. And while “Mr. Big” is giving you the runaround, he is definitely on the prowl for a more suitable Black woman he wants to marry. Leaving you high and dry and full of missed oppourtunities. We as a society have to not believe that relationships are cookie cutter and everyone you date has to be a perfect 10.  What may work for you in one relationship may not prove successful in the next. Simply put. Each individual is different and having a standard of relationships limits the possibilities leading to continued failed relationships. We ALL need to be realistic. No one is perfect and holding out for that perfect Black man or woman will leave you lonely.

I want to create a debate and discussion about what my Black male and female readers think, as I found the ABC special to be unrepresentative of the people I surround myself with. I do not necessarily agree that any, or all of these theories are the cause. I am using them as a springboard for discussion and to create a little tension.

I don’t think there is a simple answer and I really don’t believe everyone that is single is ready or even wants a real relationship. They want companionship, a big difference.  After a couple comments I will express my true belief on the topic.

Your thoughts my people??

TV WORLD: Alicia Keys on American Idol

Alicia Keys hit up American Idol last night to perform a mix of “Unthinkable” and “Empire State of Mind Pt. 2.” I am such a big fan of “Unthinkable” and I was excited to see her perform it. Peep the video below.

Solid vocals. I like the original arrangement more than the one she performed though. Just my opinion. Cute outfit. I see she’s learning to walk in heels… but she would put her on the preggers watch?!?

(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Trina x Nicki Minaj x Lady Saw “Dang a Lang”

The title is questionable. Listen to Trina‘s new song featuring Nicki Minaj and Lady Saw entitled “Dang a Lang.”

“Dang a Lang” – Trina x Nicki Minaj x Lady Saw

I guess they know what they want. The track is set to be featured on Trina‘s new album, Amazin’. Make sure you cop (if you’re still interested) May 4, 2010.