TV WORLD: Diggy and Erykah Hit Up 106 & Park

106 and Park had an eclectic show yesterday. First, Atlantic Records’ newest signee, Diggy Simmons stopped by to chat it up with Terrence and Rocsi. He discusses his buzz, his new rap career, and even busts a “freestyle.”  Peep the video below.

Let’s see where he goes with all this buzz.

The greatness that is Erykah Badu hit up 106 and Park to discuss a few things. Terrance and Rocsi claimed they loved her outfit. I’m trying to figure out why they were lying. She discusses Tweeting while birthing her daughter, the “Window Seat” video,  and digging Solange, among other things. Peep her interview, in parts, below.

I think her conversation went way over the typical viewer’s head. But I fux with her. I doubt BET will even play her “Window Seat” video.

In a Perfect World… more artists would challenge the way we think…


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  1. Thank you Ladybug. At first, I was getting ready to aneswr no, but you may be thinking about the first story I ever wrote, and that was The Sex Club with Rennie and Miguel. Then I went back and wrote their story becuz I wasnt ready to end their story. I will try to find it and repost it. Thank you again

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