MAGAZINE WORLD: Wale for Honey

Honey Magazine is back with one of my favorite features. Rapper Wale writes feature articles on life, most commonly love, and shares them with Honey Magazine readers everywhere. I love his insight. Peep my favorite excerpts from his latest article below.

I’m starting to see a lot of younger people favor material possessions over things that should matter more. The common battle that most of us are familiar with is job versus love. The irony is that the very thing that could make you head-over-heels for someone (work ethic, drive, business savvy) could be the most detrimental to a relationship.

These days it feels like everyone’s going for the money. That’s probably why our generation considers fucking > making love. My question to the ones who put their job over love: What happens once you have all the worldly possessions you desire and never find someone you love whole-heartedly? Or who loves you for more then what you own? Just my thoughts, people, just my thoughts…

Well dayum… I know I have been guilty of putting my career (school and professional) on a pedestal sooo much higher than my love life and have suffered the consequences. But with wisdom comes maturity.

Head over to Honey Magazine to read Wale‘s full article.


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