MAGAZINE WORLD: Tiny and Toya Talk to Honey Mag

My favorite online magazine, Honey Mag sat down with Tiny and Toya to discuss their new season of “Tiny and Toya,” their love lifes, and their business ventures. Peep some excerpts from the interview below.

Honey: What’s your philosophy on love and dating?
Tiny: One thing I always say for a relationship is that however you start is how you should finish. I hate for a man to start a relationship and things seem so nice and then it gets old and he stops doing all those things. If those are the things that made me fall in love with him, then he needs to do those things periodically in the relationship or the relationship will go stale. I think that really helps you feel wanted when it’s old.
Toya: Just take your time in a relationship.

How was shooting the second season?

Toya: This second season is going to be really really good. There are a lot of great moments. You’ll see a lot more growth in the both of us. We do more things with our families, together as friends, spending time with our kids. Career-wise, we are getting all the things we sought out last season. We are finally making some things happen.

Tiny: The second season was great, but it was a little more difficult than the first season — I don’t know why. It turned out to be a phenomenal taping. I think we got great stories. Some of the things we shot are going to be shown are amazing. There are a lot of things going on in Toya’s family, a lot of things I’m doing with my OMG Girlz, with the new Tiny’s Nail Bar, the family — it’s gonna be really good. I’m very proud of it, I must say.

I actually liked “Tiny & Toya” so I will definitely be tuning in for the season premiere on BET April 13, 2010. You can read their full article with Honey Mag HERE.


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