HOT TOPIC THURSDAY: Would You Date Your Friend’s Ex?

As I was watching my Japanese Sex and the City Box Set, I stumbled across an interesting episode. In the episode, the girls take exes to a party where other guests also bring their exes. The point is to pass along someone you’ve dated to someone new. It caused me to think…

Would you date your friend’s ex??

And I don’t mean the ex your friend has dated for years. Or even anyone that your best friends have dated. But would you consider it? And what makes someone a “homie smasher?”

Read up a bit more on the topic HERE. Apparently, this has been approached before.

I find the whole thing a bit weird, but I am interested to read your reactions.

“They” do say “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Your thoughts??


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  1. Imma say “NO”, you can’t do it.. especially if she “smashed the homies”..its just nasty… I mean how could you wife a chick your friend has hit each and every way possible..just kinda nasty if you ask me..

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