MUSIC WORLD: Introducing Trinity

Introducing Trinity…

Trinity represents many things reminiscent of the Midwest. Her flow is versatile. Her edge is gritty. But don’t box her in. She describes herself as “the around the way, girl next door.” The description is more than befitting as her lyrics though full of adult content, aren’t riddled with unnecessary profanity. Trinity was featured in Hip Hop Weekly Magazine’s “Unsigned Artist Spotlight” in June 2008. In a Perfect World… was granted the opportunity to shoot some questions towards Trinity as she begins her rise to stardom.

Government Name: Tiffany
Age: 27
Years Practicing Your Craft: 11 years
Website/contact info:

PERFECT WORLD: What or who is your number 1 inspiration? What made you decide to start rapping?
TRINITY: My inspiration is life. I’d like to think that my music focuses on all sides of living from the being fly to coping with emotions. Alot of my songs capture those moments in life that build character. Moments when I didn’t believe in my capabilities or when others didn’t believe in me and the resolution. I guess im inspired by any event that provokes contemplation or feelings. Things like relationships, fashion , art, literature etc. If I had to pick one person who inspired me, at an impressionable time in my life, it would be Lil Kim. I remember the first time I seen her in a Jr. Mafia video. I thought it was all guys until she came through and killed the last verse. I sat on the couch with my hand over my mouth like “hell naw!”. ..I was like 12 at the time. She inspired me because she spit hard and lyrical like a guy but kept it fly in her mink and fingerwaves LOL. I guess that moment meant that there weren’t any boundaries to me. She was the anti female MC because everybody was still boyed up in baggy jeans and afraid to be bold and sexual. Low key, Kim led her own little feminist movement in a rebellious Hip Hop kinda fashion. Needless to say, that moment inspired me to rap. At 12 I was still torn between DJing or rapping…

Who would most people compare your style to?

I’d hate to say any one individual I’ve been compared to because its all about individuality in hip hop, ya know. But the comparisons always come from the late 90’s era when hip hop was lyrical and the music was a vibe and not necessarily just a party. Honestly, I think I’ve been compared to every main stream female rapper tho LOL.

As a female rapper, how do you honestly feel about Nicki Minaj?
I feel Nicki Minaj has created a new buzz for females in Hip Hop. I like her creativity and fearless persona. One thing that blows me though is that shes more lyrical than she puts out to the mainstream. I heard her mixtape and discovered she has a lot of depth and emotion in her music. None the less with her success we’re seeing the re-emergence of older females in Hip Hop like Eve, Trina and Lil Kim. So she opened the door back up for us all..Get it.

What has been your favorite moment since you began rapping?
My favorite moment in Hip Hop was creating my first mixtape, “Collectors Editions Vol. 1” I made that mixtape in like ’04. That cd was my declaration of independence! I started recording at 16 but I was always a feature on tracks for guys around the way. So on this mixtape I locked my self in my bedroom and picked like 20 beats and wrote tons of verses. When I was done I had lyrics that really captured my entire life up until that year. I talked about attending college, my relationship with my dad, how the city raised me and the suburbs made me, and just told everyone who Trinity is. The title of the mixtape “Collectors Edition” means I told you so Lol. Kind of like, hey you should’ve known i was special since my first mixtape. If you listened to me you would’ve known the cd was like a rookie sports card or an antique figurine. In 2010 look out for Collectors Edition Vol. 2.

Do you have any specific words you try to live by?
TrinSaidHer!.. pronounced trendsetter. It’s an alter ego I created kind of like Beyonce and Sasha Fierce. It was just something I started saying when I was a teenager and it means be your own person…Be the first, set the pace, and lead the rebellion. Besides that its like my hood Chicago westside side of me. It’s the side of me that’s like my core, or my courage.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would like to see myself traveling and doing shows all over the world in 5 years. At that time hip hop will be a career for me instead of a career in progress. I want to become more of a show artist and put together crazy live shows with lights and backgrounds and themes. I love performing, especially when everything feels perfect… The crowd is feeling me, the music is at the right level, the mics actually work without feedback and im owning the crowd. Thats the part of Hip Hop that’s the addiction, is the love from the people. So in 5 years im traveling and performing all over, feeding my addiction LOL.

Finally, I am curious to know the orgin of your name, Trinity.
I remember the day I chose my name Trinity, the story is so lame. I had got into a little fender bender with friends in Highschool and pretended like I was injured so I can stay home from school the next day. When I was home I watched “The Matrix” on video, and fell in love with the details and storyline of that movie. “Trinity” was one of the primary characters and not many people really understood her role in the movie. She was like a life source for the movies main character Neo. Whenever he was on the verge of death it was Trinity that brought him back to life. So essentially she was the main character because without her Neo would die.. Plus the overall concept of the movie represented something so dope to me. It was like a world where everybody was under control but it was a couple fighters who refused to conform. That’s me in the hip hop world.. I refuse to let my music be manipulated by structure and trend. In my first mixtape I used movie clips of The Matrix as if Morpheus was guiding myself and the listener on a journey. I opened that Cd with a clip of Neo stating ” You are now entering a world, a world without rules and controls, borders or boundaries” and that’s my music, limitless.

Upcoming Shows or Events:
Not sure when’s the next show but check my web page.

As an alum of Northern Illinois University, her college education shines through her lyrical content and choice of vocabulary. She even made that evident with the title of her 2006 release “Alumni: The Mixtape.”

Trinity is a welcome addition to the female rap world. Her lighthearted personality doesn’t dilute her lyrical content in the least. Stay tuned to hear Trinity’s newest mixtape expected to be released before the end of the year.

Some tracks to rock to:

“Whoaaa” – Trinity

“New 2 It” – Trinity

“Know Better” -Trinity

“IDK” – Trinity

Peep Trinity’s myspace page for more tracks.

Follow her on Twitter. She’s new to the whole thing 😀


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  1. ❤ your music…keep it up I can definitely see u going far in the industry. Stay motivated and positive. ❤ Brandy

  2. Loving the music, the sound is so original definitely a Trinsaidher!!!!

  3. For those that know me, rap really isn’t my style of music…BUT Trinity is truly divine! Most definitely a TrinSaidHer! Be blessed

  4. Big ups to you Trinity! Good to see your making noise on the scene. Haapy for your progress. Keep it going. -OD/OG Social Club representative

  5. Trinity is definitely on her way too the top. She is truly a TrinSaidHer!

  6. I love it. Big ups G!! Congrats on the upcoming album as well cant wait to hear her.. It’s official yall, TRINITY TAKIN OVA!!!!!

  7. Hey Trinity, just stopping bye to let you know im your #1 fan… The CD is off the chain fam keep it coming.

  8. Yeah got big things poppin ma…Im glad the industry is starting to see what i’ve seen in you all along…Congrats 2010 LETS GET IT IN!!!

    • Kahit B&W ang ganda mo pa rin! Sana mag kamukha tayo. Haha! And I must agree on the cmoment up there that Jim is super lucky to have you 🙂 Please don’t break each others heart ❤ Ay I wanna give you something pala pero I don't know how & I don't know where do you usually hangout in Manila (for me to give it to you); I wanna see you in person too! I wish I can see you personally on Thursday 😀

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