MUSIC WORLD: Diggy Talks to Vibe

Diggy Simmons has been garnering a lot of buzz with his cover of Drake‘s “Over” as well as his freestyle over Nas‘ “Made You Look.” has decided to talk to Diggy about where he’s at and where’s he’s going. I’ve included some excerpts below. For the full article, you can read it HERE.

VIBE: What do you think are peoples’ first thoughts on Diggy Simmons?
DIGGY: You see the Rolls Royce and you see the Bentley and you see the big house and your immediate thoughts are, “Oh he’s spoiled.” And if you listen to my song, “The Truth of Me” on [The First Flight], I talk about that. Like, basically, it’s not my fault for growing up in this life. A lot of people think it’s a hobby, but this is really what I do. I don’t get why they think I can’t do it. I wasn’t necessarily an actor and now I’m trying to rap. I was on a show that my family was on, so why can’t I rap? If any other rapper had a reality show, let’s say Hov, could he not rap? I could easily go to my dad and say, “Yo, can you hit up so and so and ask them to do a beat for me?” [But] that wasn’t the route I took. Though it would be ideal for me to use my advantages, I don’t because I’m not that type of person to do that.

Your older brother JoJo, received plenty of negative feedback for his group Blackout, is that discouraging as you embark on your own come-up?

Of course. With the comments and everything… they received a lot of hate. And it hits me, like ‘Oh, JoJo, now Diggy, who’s next Russy?’ So it’s nothing new and I definitely got used to it. I don’t have a problem with people hating on me, I just want you to listen to the music before you say anything.

When the time comes, are you trying to top Justin Combs’ Sweet 16?
I’m not doing one. It’s not me. It doesn’t satisfy anything to me, especially doing it on MTV. I’d rather get maybe a nice car and maybe some money to get some dope pieces. Besides that I wouldn’t want to have a real crazy blown out party and then be shown as a spoiled kid, cause that’s what MTV makes them look like.

Diggy seems like he’s poised to make something of himself, even if it isn’t in the music world. And in case you missed it, peep his oft-discussed freestyle over Nas‘ “Made You Look.”


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