CRAZY WORLD: 39% of Black People Have Herpes!?!

Okay, so my followers on Twitter were spreading this information that 39% of Black people are infected with the genital Herpes virus. And Black women were most likely to contract genital herpes. I thought it was all a lie. But it’s actually TRUE!!

Let me throw some facts and figures your way:

– 21 percent of women are infected with genital herpes, compared with 11.5 percent of men

– 16 percent of Americans between the ages of 14 and 49 have contracted the viral disease

– 39 percent of blacks are infected, compared with an estimated 12 percent of whites

Scary isn’t it? But according to The Center for Disease Control, it seems as if the cause for Black woman’s increased rates of infection could be biological as well as societal.

Either way, if you never needed a reason to practice safe sex and monogamy before, now you do!

More information can be found at

CDC-INFO Contact Center
1-800-CDC-INFO (1-800-232-4636)

National Herpes Hotline
(919) 361-8488



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  1. This is why its so important to protect yourself… This is so sad,its like black women are the Target!!! Ladies protect yourself!!

  2. I keep hearing this statistic and someone told me that it’s not the case that 39% of black women are infected with herpes, it’s that 39% of those infected with herpes happen to be black women. I’m not too sure about this, I’m trying to find the primary source. Also, I’m also curious as to what “type” of herpes this statistic is referring to. The non-sexual cold-sore type herpes is EXTREMELY common and even children can get it. But I’m assuming this stat is about sexually transmitted herpes.

    Nevertheless, it’s obviously a huge problem. You’re absolutely right. If you need a reason to protect yourself and be monogamous….this should scare you into it.

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