MAGAZINE WORLD: Usher for Billboard + New Track

I saw the cover to the new Billboard magazine featuring Usher a while back and I ignored it because I figured it wasn’t an official cover. Well it is. And it’s kinda wack.

Usher recently fired his mom-ager and hired a new manager AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips. Last time he fired his mom, he released Here I Stand with sales that paled in comparison to his other solo releases. His new album, Raymond vs. Raymond is scheduled to be released March 30, 2010.

Peep an excerpt from the interview:

I had checked out. I went all the way into being super husband and super dad, thinking, ‘I’ve got to be serious all the time. I’ve got to be the man.’ I put my swagger down for a minute, but I didn’t throw it away. Now it’s time to get it back.

Well at least he admits it. Usher also released a new international single “OMG” featuring

Definitely not feeling this one at all. And with the majority of this 14 track album being leaked to the internet prematurely, I wonder what the fate of Usher‘s newest project will be.



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