MUSIC WORLD: : Ludacris “Battle of the Sexes” Album Review + Full Download

Ludacris released his 7th studio album, Battle of the Sexes. The album was orginally supposed to heavily feature Shawnna in a tit-for-tat type of format. Due to creative differences, the project took on a different format. Instead of just the two of them, other female rappers and friends of Ludacris pick up the slack. Shawnna is still featured on three tracks though.

Every Ludacris album has gone at least platinum. Now that’s a feat. Peep a video of Ludacris discussing his new album at the Sprite Step Off. Peep my review after the jump.

Aside from the weak Photoshop 101 album cover, Ludacris presents a solid album. After the weakness that was Theater of the Mind, it is quite exciting to hear a Ludacris more reminiscent of Word of Mouf (my favorite Luda album). The album open with an intro that obviously included Shawnna. It seems like her background vocals are all through this album anyways.  The album goes on to feature the usual suspects of the moment: Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Trina, Ne-Yo, and Trey Songz. Ludacris also bring in Eve, Flo Rida, Monica, Diamond and the usual Disturbing the Peace.

After the intro, the next three songs are nothing new. “How Low,” “My Chick Bad,” & “Everybody Drunk,” have all been available for your listening pleasure. No need to revisit them. I am slightly disappointed that “Everybody Drunk” made the album considering I’ve had it since the summer. It does include a new verse from Lil’ Scrappy instead of I-20 and Shawnna.

Ludacris continues the album with tracks that seem to boast his lovemaking skills more than anything. I feel like I heard a guest verse from Da Brat, but it was actually Shawnna on “Do it All Night.”  “Sex Room” is definitely the standout track. Trey Songz and his buttery smooth vocals make any song sexy.

“I Know You Got a Man” could’ve been left on the cutting room floor in my opinion. Maybe the production is what makes it off putting. Or the Flo Rida feature. Either way, he could’ve kept it. “Hey Ho” was released to the internet a week or so ago and features a great verse from Lil’ Kim. The album continues its perceived album theme with “Party No Mo” featuring Gucci Mane on the chorus. The song is full of the usual rapper bravado.

The album continues to slow down with a song featuring Monica. Ludacris becomes a little introspective about love in “Can’t Live With You.” It’s always nice to hear a man express his feelings about the roller coaster of love. He brings back sexual undertones with “Feelin So Sexy” and “Tell Me a Secret.” Ludacris wraps up the album with the “My Chick Bad Remix.” I would’ve preferred another verse from Ludacris and Nicki Minaj to round out the remix.

Ludacris has commonly been described as one of those oft slept on rappers. Whether you agree or disagree, he presents a solid effort with this album. I find this album to be filled with feel good music. There aren’t going to many quotables or memorable moments, but it’s a fun listen. The whole theme, battle of the sexes, was lost and replaced with sexy time music and party anthems.

My favorite tracks are:

Sex Room

Can’t Live With You

My Chick Bad

Though I encourage supporting the music industry, you CAN download the entire album as a torrent below.

Battle of the Sexes – Ludacris


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  1. Ludacris is one of my favorites

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