(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: kid cudi x Snoop Dogg… Again

Another track featuring kid cudi and Snoop Dogg hit the internet yesterday. This track is tentatively titled “I Do My Thing.”  I say tentatively because kid cudi had this to say, via his blog, about the released track:

Well, uh, there you have it. I still rock with Man on the Moon HARD! But, Cudder: The Revolution of Evolution will be released in due time. Until then, you can listen and download the track below.

“My Thing” – kid cudi x Snoop Dogg

And in case you missed it, Snoop Dogg and kid cudi also have another track together titled, “That Tree.” How clever. Listen and download below.

“That Tree” – Snoop Dogg x kid cudi


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  1. So excited I found this article as it made things much quikrec!

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