A reader asked me why I include magazines in some of my posts. I am a huge fan of magazines. I still buy at least 5 a month and in the past I wanted to be the editor of XXL. But with magazine readership down and blogs offering up-to-the-minute stories, job security seems minimal. Alas, I have much respect for magazine editors and writers. Therefore, I feature good magazine stuff from time to time.

Now, on to my latest magazine post. The Source has been through some trials and tribulations to say the least. But, they are still trudging along. Their newest double cover features J.Cole & Method Man, Ghostface Killah, and Raekwon. Peep both covers below.

Method Man speaks on the common misconception that he and his fellow Wu-Tang brethren have formed a group:

“People wanted to see it so we gave it to them. By no means are we trying to start a group, that’s why I was mad as hell that people was jumping the gun and sh*t, asking us to name our group and all that. What the f*ck we look like making a new group?”

Psh, I thought they were like some super trio too though… *traysay shrug*

It’s looking like J. Cole‘s year. First XXL’s Freshman 10, now the cover of The Source. Congrats to him!

Pick up the newest issue on newsstands now.


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  1. Nicole Denise

    I love Magazines, they are still one of my favorite resources to use to get the latest info on lifestyle, fashion and events. I think that its awesome that you give credit to magazines that are still out there. Keep it up! and of course mine will be featured in your blog one day soon or in 15years lol! So i think its a great idea! … Especially the fact that you use Honey Magazine.. they are wonderful.

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