NEW MUSIC WORLD: Trey Songz does “Lemonade” & “Lil’ Freak”

Trey Songz is on his grizzy these days. He released two new songs this weekend. On the first, he hops on the “Lemonade” beat done by Gucci Mane first. Listen and download below.

“I been the shi*, now we know I ain’t invent the sh*t, but I’m the only one that can sing it like I meant the sh*t!”

“Lemonade” – Trey Songz

As if that wasn’t enough, the homie Tremaine also jumps on Usher‘s “Lil’ Freak” and beasts the track unapologeticly. Listen and download below.

“Outta this world cuz I’m into your girl…”

“Lil’ Freak” – Trey Songz

Welp, Trey Songz is solidifying his place in the music world. Stay tuned for the mixtape  that I am sure he will be dropping soon.


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