(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Trey Songz; Kidz in the Hall; Solange; Fabolous x DJ Drama

Trey Songz is still on his mixtape ish. And I’m not even mad. This time he releases a “freestyle” called “Machine.” I also heard he’s shutting down his opening act position with The Blueprint 3 Tour. Listen and download below.

“Machine” – Trey Songz

“I’m one of the realest, I don’t know what you’re dealing/ I can call bluffs and count cards…”

Trey Songz is definitely (not so) quietly boo booing all over Usher’s spot. Uh oh…

Kidz in the Hall present the newset single to their album Land of Make Believe. It’s called “Take Over the World” and features Colin Munroe, a crooner courtesy of Canada. Listen and download the track below.

“Take Over the World” -Kidz in the Hall x Colin Munroe

“They can’t deny the win if you keep scoring/ Whatever’s in your heart don’t ignore it…”

Inspirational. Definitely reminiscent of a Kanye song I can’t quite put my finger on, but I likes it. Cop their new album, Land of Make Believe, set to drop March 9, 2010.

Mah girl Solange posted a new track, “Under Construction” just for her fans through her blog and Twitter page. She says the song will NOT be on her album, but trust me, it’s no throw away track. Download and listen below.

“Under Construction” – Solange

“You know when I’m going through hell you build me again…”

Ahh… a breath of fresh air. Lowkey, Solange is one of my favorite artists. I simply love Sol-Angel and the Hadley Street Dreams. I can’t wait for the new album. And if you didn’t see her performance of Groove Theory’s “Tell Me,” you’re missing out.

In mixtape news…

Fabolous and DJ Drama finally released his long-discussed mixtape, There is No Competition 2. Fabolous takes the opportunity to have some fun and continue to spit oft slept-on lyrics.

There is No Competition- Fabolous x DJ Drama

The mixtape includes his freestlye over “O Let’s Do It.” My favorite track from my first listen is “Popular Demand,” but maybe because I am in love with the beat. I hope Fabolous finally gets the respect he’s practically begging for.


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  1. Fabo’s mixtape is on point! Thank you

  2. Kendra_blessed

    I absolutely love solange and her lyrics! I’m sooooo glad she released this track I love it! People sleep on her so much but her music is classic.

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