Girl, Where Have You Been?!

Okay, so I haven’t posted anything new in like 48 hours. People have been asking me where I have been. Long story short, I started messing with my template on here, trying to upgrade and include my new logo. Peep the logo(s) below.

Aren’t they awesome?!
Welp, I messed up something really badly and my blog hasn’t been the same since. My wonderful friend Chris (who also designed my logos) fixed the major problem, bless his soul. But before I let him handle anything, I mistakenly deleted some of my original stuff. All of the content is still here, but a lot of my custom features and pictures and stuff have disappeared. 😦

I wanted to pull my hair out. I examined joining WordPress, and I still may. But that’s seems just as frustrating as blogging with the current state that my blog is in. So I’m kinda stuck as to where I wanna go from here.

I’m stuck between working on developing this blog and customizing it to my liking, or completely abandoning it for WordPress which offers more behind the scenes action.

Bear with me as I figure it all out. I promise it won’t be much longer til I’m back with my gossip and opinions.

If you have any thoughts or comments about my next move, I am welcome to hear them.


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