MUSIC WORLD: Ludacris; Trey Songz; Fabolous; Usher; & More

I haven’t provided any new music in a little while. So I’m bout to jam pack you with new ish.

First up, I think Ludacris‘ entire new album will eventually be leaked to the internet. I have two new songs to share. The first one, “My Chick Bad (Remix)” featuring Trina, Diamond, & Eve leaked to the web today. Check it and download it below.

My Chick Bad (Remix)- Ludacris, Eve, Trina, & Diamond

“Hair so fye make you do the hokey pokey…”Trina (obviously)
It was kinda refreshing to hear Eve again. At the same time, the song was slightly disappointing though I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Next up Ludacris makes it hot-ta with Trey Songz in a new song “Sex Room.” Listen and download below.

“Sex Room”- Ludacris & Trey Songz

“You can be my firecracker, my tongue finna spark you up…”
I feel like Ludacris is really stepping his game up. And this is definitely a song worthy of his music catalogue. And Trey Songz knows how to bring the sexy like no one else can. YES!

Fabolous decided to jump on the “All the Way Turnt Up” beat for his own freestyle. Listen and download below.

“All the Way Turnt Up (Remix)”- Fabolous

“Got me in that Car-melo fu**n with that La La…”
It’s kinda late, but I rocks with it.

For my R&B pick…
Usher‘s entire new album also seems like it will be released to the internet WAAAY before its release date. A couple tracks popped up on the net in the past couple of days. My favorite track so far is “Mars vs. Venus.” Listen and download below.

“Mars vs. Venus” – Usher

If feels like with this track Usher is trying to reclaim his sex symbol status. It’s almost believable.

Honorable mentions:

“Know Why”- kid cudi

“Beamer, Benz, or Bentley” – Lloyd Banks & Juelz Santana

“Slow Down (Ha Ha)”- Fat Joe & Jeezy

“That Tree” – Snoop Dogg & kid cudi

“Lose My Mind” – Young Jeezy & Plies

“There With You” – John Legend


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