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(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Ciara x The Dream “Speechless”

In case you didn’t know, Ciara is gearing up for a comeback. A new track, “Speechless” leaked to the net a couple days ago. It features Radio Killa, The Dream. Listen and download below.

“Speechless” – Ciara x The Dream

The Dream brings it per usual. And Ciara contributes her waspy vocals to the song. The official first single from Ciara’s newest project is, “Ride” featuring Ludacris. Catch some behind the scenes footage of the video shoot. The song hasn’t been officially released, in full, anywhere yet.

Can’t see much, but you can hear clips of the song. Sounds like a very Ciara appropriate song and I’m excited to see the dance moves she brings to the video.


(NEW) MUSIC WORLD: Dirty Money x T.I. “Hello, Good Morning”

Dirty Money has tapped the recently released T.I. for the newest song, “Hello Good Morning.” I thought we had finally got rid of em, but they came back with a decent song. I always like to hear T.I. and his verse is pretty f’n solid. Listen and download below.

“Hello Good Morning” – Dirty Money x T.I.

The song is being used for the NCAA Final Four promos. Peep a behind the scenes video of the taping of the promo video.

I’m not sure why, but I’m curious to see how Dawn feels about this whole Dirty Money thing, truthfully. But the song is pretty hawt though considering some of their previous work.

MAGAZINE WORLD: Drake and Nicki Minaj Cover XXL

As rumored, XXL has decided to feature Nicki Minaj and Drake on the cover of the issue set to hit newstands April 20th. No deets yet on what the feature article(s) will discuss.

Neither have an album yet. Both signed to Young Money. Let’s see what they have to discuss… Psh, it’s better than sharing a cover with 8 other XXL Freshman. #imjustsayin

TV WORLD: Diggy and Erykah Hit Up 106 & Park

106 and Park had an eclectic show yesterday. First, Atlantic Records’ newest signee, Diggy Simmons stopped by to chat it up with Terrence and Rocsi. He discusses his buzz, his new rap career, and even busts a “freestyle.”  Peep the video below.

Let’s see where he goes with all this buzz.

The greatness that is Erykah Badu hit up 106 and Park to discuss a few things. Terrance and Rocsi claimed they loved her outfit. I’m trying to figure out why they were lying. She discusses Tweeting while birthing her daughter, the “Window Seat” video,  and digging Solange, among other things. Peep her interview, in parts, below.

I think her conversation went way over the typical viewer’s head. But I fux with her. I doubt BET will even play her “Window Seat” video.

In a Perfect World… more artists would challenge the way we think…

MAGAZINE WORLD: Trey Songz x Jeezy Vibe Cover

VIBE has released the official cover images for their April/May issue. The first cover shot, of Trey Songz, is quite sexy for the newsstands. But I am not complaining.

Trey Songz is definitely making sure you know his name. In the accompanying feature article, he discusses his rise to stardom and how he plans to maintain it. I have the sudden urge to take a shower…

Jeezy serves as the other half to the dual cover. Unfortunately (kinda), Vibe hasn’t released that official cover shot yet.

MAGAZINE WORLD: Wale for Honey

Honey Magazine is back with one of my favorite features. Rapper Wale writes feature articles on life, most commonly love, and shares them with Honey Magazine readers everywhere. I love his insight. Peep my favorite excerpts from his latest article below.

I’m starting to see a lot of younger people favor material possessions over things that should matter more. The common battle that most of us are familiar with is job versus love. The irony is that the very thing that could make you head-over-heels for someone (work ethic, drive, business savvy) could be the most detrimental to a relationship.

These days it feels like everyone’s going for the money. That’s probably why our generation considers fucking > making love. My question to the ones who put their job over love: What happens once you have all the worldly possessions you desire and never find someone you love whole-heartedly? Or who loves you for more then what you own? Just my thoughts, people, just my thoughts…

Well dayum… I know I have been guilty of putting my career (school and professional) on a pedestal sooo much higher than my love life and have suffered the consequences. But with wisdom comes maturity.

Head over to Honey Magazine to read Wale‘s full article.

MUSIC WORLD: Usher’s “Raymond v. Raymond” + Full Album Download

Usher is trying to get his mojo back with his new album Raymond v. Raymond. Though Here I Stand was considered weak by some people’s standards, I found it presented Usher at a particular point in his life. He was in love and a family man. His music at that time represented that. Well this new album presents Usher post-divorce as a 31 year old R&B star presenting where he is now.

Raymond v. Raymond opens with a sort of deceleration to his listeners that there are multiple sides to every story. Then “Monstar” picks up the pace quickly, for better or for worse. As a whole, the entire album seems to present Usher fighting himself, which more than likely has everything to do with the title of the album. He intertwines overtly sexual songs with heartfelt ballads about the love he has for a woman. I’m a bit confuzzled. I’m all for multifaceted individuals, but the album feels a bit scattered.

The standout tracks include the two singles, “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)” and “Lil’ Freak” featuring Nicki Minaj. Thankfully Plies does not make the cut for the “Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)” album version. “Mars vs. Venus” is the clearest attempt at what I consider the Usher we know and love. Usher sat down with Good Morning America to discuss a few things including his new album, his mom, Michael Jackson, and his new life. Peep the interview below.

The album is a decent R&B album representing a more mature and assertive Usher. Unfortunately, there are some skippable tracks, namely “OMG” featuring and “More” from the NBA All-Star Game. But as a whole, the album is a solid release from a pretty consistent artist… leather capris aside. The album is officially released March 30, 2010. Make sure you cop it. If you don’t feel like waiting, of course I provided the download link.

“Raymond v. Raymond” – Usher