MUSIC WORLD: Turk of Hot Boys Brother Gunned Down

Remember the Hot Boys from the original Cash Money?! Well Turk, who has been in some sort of incarcerated situation for about six years, recently lost his brother from gun shot wounds. The rapper has written an open letter asking for assistance from the hip-hop community to cover the costs of the burial.

My question is, where are his former “bandmates??” Lil’ Wayne, Juvenile, and even B.G. all have enough money to help bury his brother. Why haven’t they stepped up?

Peep Turk‘s letter to Ozone Magazine.

I really hope all of this gets handled. Peep the video to their biggest commercial hit “I Need a Hot Girl” below.

My condolences to Turk and his family. Thank Nik for the heads up!



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  1. This is really sad… Everyone deserves a proper burial, I hope whatever caused their beef and dismantlement brings them back together and BG, Wayne, and Juvey help out their old bandmate..

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