MOVIE WORLD: Richard Pryor Movie

There have been rumors a of Richard Pryor movie with Eddie Murphy playing the title character since Richard Pryor‘s death. It seemed appropriate since Richard Pryor was obviously a heavy influence on Eddie Murphy‘s comedic style. But the movie execs have sought someone a bit younger for the role.
Marlon Wayans, most famous for “White Chicks” and the “Scary Movie” franchise has won the role of Richard Pryor. Days after the official announcement, the internet was in an uproar insisting Eddie Murphy, or even Mike Epps would be a better pic for the role.

I actually like Marlon Wayans and I think he can do it. He has great comedic timing and is one of the more talented Wayans family members in my opinion. In a recent LA Times interview, he commented on the naysayers:

“Look, I want to be able to make the stupidest movies ever, because they make people laugh and they make money… But that’s not all I want to do. And I think I’ve proven to some people — the ones paying attention — that I can do more. Everybody else, well, they can wait and see and make up their mind.”

The movie ‘Richard Pryor: “Is it Something I Said?”‘ is being produced by Happy Madison and Sony.

Until the movie, enjoy one of my favorite clips from Richard Pryor‘s standup “Live on the Sunset Strip. He discusses his experiences with love.



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