VIDEO WORLD: Drake Talks Inspiration; Lil’ Wayne Shows His Grill; Rihanna’s Mini Streaptease; Diddy & Son’s Sweet 16

In a quick little vid, Drake discusses his influences and his (to me rumored) debut album Thank Me Later. He was interviewed after Atlanta’s Sprite Step Off Competition.

Drake says the album will “sound happier” and “more victorious” representing his life. He also cites Nas as an influence.

Lil’ Wayne and Lil’ Twist got on ustream last night and he showed his teeth post his 8 root canals. Random 7 minutes of my life I’ll never get back. But you can peep the video below.

What’s up with Lil’ Twist’s hair though?! Sobriety is obviously not the goal prior to his prison sentencing. Oh and in case you didn’t know, Lil’ Wayne now has a twitter page as well @liltunchi *confused look*

Rihanna celebrated her birthday this weekend in Pheonix with Matt Kemp. Despite denying that they are indeed a couple, Matt Kemp spent time planning a surprise party for Rihanna. He even provided a mini streap tease.

I understand all in good fun, but I am slightly perplexed by the entertainment value. Rihanna‘s dress was cute though!

And in case you missed it, Diddy‘s son Justin has a sweet 16 party that aired on MTV. Peep the full episode below.

What I wouldn’t give to be Diddy‘s child for a day (or my lifetime)…


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