FASHION WORLD: Spring Break Beachwear

Ah… spring break! I remember this time last year I was planning to head to South Beach in Miami.

I still have a few college-aged friends making that trek to Miami or Panama City. So I decided it would be most appropriate to provide some swimwear options for all those hitting up a beach somewhere in the coming month. The only rule: LOTS OF COLOR!

First up, I’ve selected some swimming drunks for the men while they’re on the beach or just strolling up Ocean.

My personal favorite are the Polo Ombre Board Shorts. I included a pair of bikini bottoms for the daring few.

On to the women…
I’ll start with the modest woman first. One-piece bathing suits can offer coverage and usually more interesting detail in comparison to bikinis or tankinis. Peep my picks below.

I like the Guess Tribal One Piece.

If you are gonna be on South Beach, modesty is not what’s hot. So I have provided some bikini choices as well.

Ombre seems to be what’s hot right now. I like the Diane von Furstenberg bikini the best. Prints are very spring break!

To all those that are going to Miami, have fun for me and grab a Call A Cab (or two)!


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