VIDEO WORLD: Rihanna on Ellen

Say what you want about Rihanna, but she’s definitely stepping her game up!

She recently performed on Ellen, again, and actually did pretty well. Peep her performance of “Rude Boy” below.

Rihanna is either really feeling this song or took some classes on live performances. It was still a bit dry and her vocals were nothing but glorified singsong, but this is an improvement. Even Necole Bitchie had something to say.

“This is one of THE best performances I’ve seen from Rihanna. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s been watching the Beyonce experience during her down time.

That’s how you put on a show…”

HAHA! I totally agree.


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  1. I think your Blog is coming along. Its very easy to navigate through. Take it back to Tuesday is def one of my favorites. As far as improvement, there is always room for growth but dont over load the blog to the point where its overwhelming… And totally off Topic.. try and stay on top of things as far as updates.. and I think you will BE FINE! …

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