MUSIC WORLD: Chris Brown "In My Zone" Mixtape

Chris Brown has decided to release a 21 track mixtape with DJ Drama (a la Trey Songz). I personally love a good mixtape so I’m always anxious to listen. You can download the full mixtape by visiting the link below.

Chris Brown- In the Zone

He is clearly trying to solidify that he’s grown now with the random curse word and Anticipation-like content. Oh, and he’s attempting some flow too. He even attempts his own version of “Invented Sex” titled “Invented Head.” Umm…okay… but it’s actually a decent effort. He could’ve taken it a step further to me though. *traysay shrug*

He uses “Don’t Lie” to display his ability to rap and ride a beat. I enjoy “Back Out,” “I Get Around,” “No Bullshit,” “Perfume,” & “Sex.”

“How Low” feels kinda forced to me and an odd inclusion. Actually, ditto that to “I Wanna Rock.” All in all, I see what Chris Brown was trying to do, but the sexual content isn’t as believable coming from him.

Thanks Necole Bitchie for the download link. While you enjoy the mixtape, peep these dapper pics of C. Breezy at Naomi Campbell’s Fashion Show for Haiti.

He looks scrumptious! He’s 21 now right?? *thinking cougar thoughts*


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