VIDEO WORLD: Erykah Badu & "We Are The World 2010"

Erykah Badu released a video to one of my fave songs of the moment. A rumored bonus track on her album, New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh, “Jump Up in the Air” features Bilal and Lil Wayne. This song is hot! Peep the video below.

This video is perfectly psychedelic. Her official first single is supposed to be “Window Seat” so keep an eye out for that video too. Make sure you cop the album March 30, 2010 though I can’t wait that long!

“We Are the World,”the 2010 version, debuted last night after much anticipation. There were rumors of Jay-Z and Beyonce adding their vocals in later but I guess that was just a rumor peep the video below.

My review:
I like the use of Michael Jackson‘s original vocals, BUT some of these solos were questionable… Lil Wayne singing?? Autotune?? C’mon son!
Jamie Foxx is hilarious! I can’t believe he imitated Ray Charles! I fully understand the rap breakdown, but it kinda felt forced too. But Jennifer Hudson could’ve sang the whole song really. And it was soooo nice to hear Kanye‘s voice again, we missed you! All in all a valiant effort!

P.S. Miley Cyrus has cemented her spot on my “Kill on Sight” list.

I didn’t provide a link for download since you’re supposed to legally download the song to benefit Haiti. *forced smile*


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  1. LOL! Well thank you for learning for me! 🙂 And I definitely wasn't feeling the autotune inclusion in the least!! But you can't comment and praise Miley… I'm sorry! lol

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