GOSSIP WORLD: John Mayer Apologizes

So this whole John Mayer thing is kinda getting blown outta proportion. I guess his PR people (if he has any) has suggested a formal apology to all the angry people out there. So he did… in concert… fighting back tears it seems. Peep the video below.

In the video he says things like:

“I quit the media game. I’m out. I’m done. I just want to play my guitar.”

“I decided I would try to be as clever as possible all the time at the expense of the people I love.”

Well I hoped that helped the people that were so upset. I never condone use of “the n-word,” but could this reaction be a little overblown?? Are we all still so sensitive about people using it?? I didn’t really care about John Mayer before and I honestly still don’t, but hopefully those who were bothered by his interview can sleep easy now.

I really don’t care for apologetic white people… just stand by what you say… *traysay shrug*


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  1. Hehehehehe… thanks! 🙂

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