MUSIC WORLD: Erykah Badu; Kid Cudi; Ludacris;

My girl Erykah Badu is back with what I think is her official single for her new album New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh set to be released March 30, 2010. The new song “Window Seat” is below. Ms. Badu provided this download link herself via her Twitter FYI.

Window Seat-Erykah Badu
Lyrics to “Window Seat”

Through her Twitter she also sent a link to her lyrics for the song to aid in various interpretations. What is art if it isn’t free to interpretation, right?

kid cudi is also presenting a song open to interpretation called “Highs N Lows.” We are all aware of his recreational activities, that’s the only reason I consider the song to be a play on words and open to interpretation. Listen and download below.

kid cudi “Highs N Lows”

I see he’s on his singing steez, but I can dig it. And I always seem to relate to kid cudi and his lyrics as depressing as they can sound… *traysay shrug*

Ludacris is riding with his Battle of the Sexes album though it seems like Shawnna will no longer be a part of the project. He has instead decided to use various women from the rap industry to represent the female point of view on the album. Rumored participants include Trina, Eve, & Lil’ Kim.
His next single, “My Chick is Bad” features Nicki Minaj (of course). Listen and download below.

“My Chick Bad”- Ludacris f. Nicki Minaj

Exactly what you would expect… but it’s feel good music so I can dig it. A remix featuring Eve, Trina, Nicki Minaj, and Diamond is supposedly in the works. The album is set to drop March 9, 2010. Will you cop?


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