VIDEO WORLD: Usher "Daddy’s Home;" Mariah "Up Out My Face;" Pink Disses Beyonce

Usher is back!

“Daddy’s Home” looks to be his official lead single from Raymond v. Raymond. He released a preview to the vid a couple weeks ago, which apparently is the new hot ish.

The official video has been released. Peep it below.

The video is smooth and nice foray back into the spotlight for Usher. The old man’s still got it! I am also extatic that he left out Plies for the video version. *whew* I wonder if he’s gonna shot a vid for “Lil Freak” f. Nicki Minaj…the song grew on me.

Mariah Carey released two videos yesterday. She’s still trying to sell her Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel album I see. Below you will find the highly anticipated video for “Up Out My Face” featuring Nicki Minaj.

Not my fave song, but then again, none of Mariah’s are…

Semi-star Pink apparently thought it was a good idea to mock Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” dance routine while singing her song “Stupid Girls.” Peep the video below.

I know she was very vocal about Kanye ruining Taylor Swift’s moment at the VMAs over the “Single Ladies” video. So I’m not really sure if she’s dissing Beyonce or making fun of the moment. Either way, she’s kinda wack for that.


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