OPINION WORLD: No Taste of Chicago Fireworks??

Before I go in on the State of the Union Address President Barack Obama delivered yesterday, I first want to discuss some more local political action.

In an interesting move, The City of Chicago’s Special Events office or whatever has decided to eliminate the annual 3rd of July Fireworks display at the Taste of Chicago in Grant Park. It is the the 30th anniversary for the Taste of Chicago.

There will instead be synchronized fireworks displays on the north lakefront, Navy Pier, and the south lakefront (rumored to be somewhere around 63rd). The locations of these fireworks displays seems awfully strategic. The city claims the adjustment in locale will save the city between $1 and $2 million dollars. But, they are sacrificing and Chicago tradition.

Many points on both sides of the argument can be made.

For the change in fireworks tradition would be the money saving possibilities, the violence and deaths associated with the fireworks display, and encouraging residents to celebrate in their own neighborhoods.

On the opposite side of things, this change ruins an annual tradition for the City of Chicago, segregates the population of the city, and forces more people to crowd into smaller areas along the lake to watch the “synchronized” show.

Even as a long time resident of the north Chicagoland area, I still find it quite polarizing to eliminate a Chicago tradition and instead place strategic fireworks displays in specific neighborhoods. Yes, the violence was an issue on the 3rd of July, but moving the crowd will probably do very little to change that.

What are your thoughts??

Read more info on the changes HERE.


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