TV WORLD: Tiny & Toya; When the Levees Broke; Kimora; Intervention

Looks like there will be another season of Tiny & Toya on BET! The show will continue to follow Tiny and her life as a mother and entrepreneur. While Toya continues her life as a mother trying to move on from her marriage with Lil Wayne.

I actually liked the show so I will be looking forward to the April 30, 2010 premiere on BET.

HBO (one of my favorite networks) has asked Spike Lee to do a follow up to When the Levees Broke. So necessary…

The update will focus on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina including the impact on the remaining population, crime, the educational system, and politics. I’m excited. I was a personal fan of the first When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts.

Kimora is back with another season of Fabulosity! Though her fashion choices tend to be far from fabulous, her show was hilarious to me. She has a new man in her life (since the last season), Djimon Hounsou, most known from his role in Amistad. Stark contrast to soft, vegan, yoga-practicing Russell Simmons. #imjustsayin

The new season will focus on her marriage to Djimon, her girlies Ming and Aoki, and her new baby Kenzo. Her new season of Life in Fab Lane will premiere March 21, 2010 on the Style Network.

On Twitter last night, I saw some people going in on an episode of A&E’s Intervention. Apparently it starred dude, Robbie Pardlo, from City High. How sad.

He’s the one in the green jersey.
Apparently his turn to alcoholism was a result of his bandmate, Claudette dumping him for the other member of the band, Ryan. They got married and Robbie hit rock bottom. I HAD to find the video since I missed it. Peep a preview of the episode below.

You can catch the full episode HERE.

In quick news:

-My girl Jill Scott will be on Chelsea Lately tonight!! I love her, so I will surely be tuned in… though I am not 100% sure why she’s gonna be on there…

Steve Harvey has been tapped for the new host of Family Feud. I haven’t watched in years, but idk if you care…


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