MUSIC WORLD: Wale; Waka Flocka; Haiti Telethon

Wale has been on his promo grind lately. He was on the Mo’Nique Show last night. He’s shot a video to “Pretty Girls” about three months too late, in my opinion. And he’s been giving his two cents to the ladies over at Honey Mag.

Personally his contributions to Honey Mag have been some of the realest words spoken by a male artist to me. In his latest contribution he discusses, #thatthing. Peep an excerpt below:

“After failed relationships, failed “flings,” failed attempts at being a gigolo, player, or anything under that umbrella, I made a self declaration that 2010 will be the year of #thatthing. #thatthing is an absolute anomaly. It’s unexplainable. It soothes, it kills, it holds, it harms. It literally can grant life or death with one touch. And for this reason, many of us wear masks, metaphorically of course. Masks that cover insecurities. Masks that prevent #thatthing from capturing you in its relentless clutch. The fear of being hurt, for some, is far more important then the joy of being in love.”

Whew! Preach! Read his entire philosophy of #thatthing HERE.
What do you think men??

Peep the video of him on Mo’Nique below in case you missed it (like me). He further discusses #thatthing!!

Sallie Mae?? HILARIOUS!

He also performed “Pretty Girls.”

I wanna see a video to “90210” personally.

Source: Rap Radar/Honey Mag

Oh yeah, and Waka Flocka Flame got shot in Atlanta yesterday. A whole trending topic on Twitter was dedicated to #whoshotwaka. It was pretty f’n hilarious.

Apparently he was in a gas station and some men rolled up on him requesting his jewelry with a gun pointed in his face. He refused and was shot multiple times in the chest. Damn homie. I could walk right past dude and not know who he was though…I don’t even know if I’m spelling his name correctly. Ah well. Glad he’s not seriously injured.

Also, George Clooney has put together a telethon to support Haiti. The country of Haiti experienced a 6.0 magnitude earthquake today. So sad! Tapped to perform include: Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Bono, John Legend, Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, and The Edge.

The telethon will air this Friday. My fave journalist Anderson Cooper will also be checking in live from Haiti with updates. Don’t miss it!


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