PHOTO WORLD: First Lady & Amber Rose’s New Cuts; Halle Berry; Rihanna

Today is the day that has been observed in celebration of Dr. King’s birthday. If you missed my post on his actual birthday (January 15), check it HERE.

But, today’s photos are all about the ladies!

First Lady Michelle Obama also celebrated her birthday this past weekend. The President, Barack Obama, and close family and friends surprised her with a dinner at an organic restaurant in D.C.

Earlier in the week, The First Lady debuted a new shorter haircut while attending the funeral for Vice President Biden’s mother.

Being a fan of shorter hair, I’m digging it.

Speaking of new hairdos, Amber Rose recently debuted a new mowhawk type style in her buzz cut.

Damn, where are MY f’n doorknockers?!?


Another beautiful lady, Halle Berry, simply KILLED on the Golden Globes Red Carpet… I HAD to share…

Halle Berry…Halle Berry (no homo!)

Finally, Rihanna was seen with the alleged (yet denied) boo, Matt Kemp at a Clipper Game getting in some QT.

Her hair is making me feel some kinda way… I don’t think I like it in the least. Peep more pics of her courtside at NecoleBitchie.


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