TV WORLD: NBC v. Leno v. O’Brien; Fantasia For Real; Let’s Talk About Pep

A lot of jamming is going on in the tv world.

There has been a lot of whispering and hunches regarding what’s going to happen to NBC’s Late-Night lineup after NBC executives decided to can Jay Leno‘s primetime show. 8 months ago, while Jay Leno was still on top, NBC replaced him with Conan O’Brien for the host of The Tonight Show. After regretting the loss of Jay Leno, NBC decided to make an unprecedented move and give Jay Leno a primetime show and leave Conan as host of The Tonight Show.

Seemed like a good idea right? Well, not so much. There was guest booking issues, viewer loyalty issues, and at the end of the day David Letterman came out on top. NBC was not pleased. After scrapping Jay Leno’s primetime show, they offered Conan three choices:

  1. Move your show back 30 minutes to allow a new 30 minute show for Jay Leno BEFORE The Tonight Show
  2. Move to another network and continue to earn $20 mil a year from NBC
  3. Just quit and still get $20 mill a year from NBC.

Well, Conan has released a statement. To sum it up, he’s not being Jay Leno’s opening act. I don’t blame him. All this would make me feel like the bald-headed stepchild too. I heard Fox is interested though… Tonight I’m sure all the late night hosts are gonna go in on this situation!
Read Conan’s statement HERE.

VH-1 had some new shows to offer last night.

First up, Fantasia premiered her new show “Fantasia For Real” after For the Love of Ray J.

I watched it and I actually enjoyed it. Besides her lazy f’n family, they seemed like your average Black southern family. Her brother, Teeny, is something else. In case you missed it, watch the full episode HERE.

The previews for the season look intriguing. Keep watching on VH-1, Mondays at 9PM CST.

After Fantasia’s show, Pepa, of Salt n Pepa, premiered her show “Let’s Talk About Pep.” It popped up on my on screen tv guide as “Let’s Talk About Sex” for some reason. It stars her and three friends discussing their dating and sex lives… and it’s actually funny!

The cast of characters are:

  • Pepa: of Salt n Pepa fame; currently looking for love after being celibate for 4 years!!
  • Joumana: ex-wife of Jason Kidd; entertainment correspondent; loving being single
  • Kittie: known as the voice for Cita from Cita’s World on BET; the wild one;
  • Jacque Reid: tv journalist; old-fashioned and ready to find love and make babies

Peep the episode HERE.

The show has been dubbed as a reality version of Sex and the City starring Black women. I love it! I love the cast of characters they assembled and I found the episode hilarious! I hope Pepa doesn’t stay with dude with the curl though.

In quick news:

– For anyone that cares, the White House has vowed that the Lost season premiere will NOT be interrupted by the President’s speech. *sarcastic sigh of relief* STORY

-Oprah Winfrey is giving out 10 golden tickets in O Magazine for an exclusive Weekend of Dreams with her. STORY

-Simon Cowell is leaving American Idol at the end of the season for X-Factor, which will also air on Fox. *scratching head* STORY


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