FASHION WORLD: Dope Jewelry/Accessories- Patricia Field

I wear a lot of black with slight punches of color. Like, A LOT!

Therefore, I have a love for crazy jewelry to add personality to my outfits. I have been on a quest to find some dope jewelry and accessories and I have decided to share some of my fave finds. First up, from Patricia Field Online.

Spiked gloves.

Spiked anything is all the rage. Cop them HERE.

Simply put, I love stuff that says stuff. Therefore, I love this necklace.

It kinds reminds me of a MTTB shirt. Cop it HERE.

I’m a huge fan of crazy rings. Well, really rings period. How HAWT is this??

Matter of fact, you don’t have to answer. It’s hot! Cop it HERE.

Finally, for all those that so badly want the glasses from the Sex and the City Movie Poster, you can cop them over at Patricia Field Online.

They will only cost you a little over $500. If you got it like that, cop them HERE.

That’s all I got for today… I’ll be back with some of my fave accessory and jewelry picks from Karma Loop in the future.


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