OPINION WORLD: 2010 Census…C’Mon Son!

“Just read a magazine that fu*ked up my day” -Hov {thanks Cuz!}

Okay, it wasn’t really a magazine…and I didn’t really read it…and it didn’t really eff up my day, but STILL.

Listening to the radio this morning, I heard that the 2010 Census is going to include NEGRO as a choice for race. The question will ask you to classify your race and one of the options will have the following choices: Black, African-American, Negro.

Are you serious yo??

According to Census Bureau spokesman Jack Martin, “Many older African Americans identified themselves that way, and many still do. Those who identify themselves as Negroes need to be included.”

If it hasn’t been on the census forms for the past couple censuses, I am confused as to why it needed to be included NOW, in 2010. I don’t think my grandparents identify with Negro more than they do Black. #imjustsayin

P.S. Congress voted on this and let this ish slide. We gotta do better.

Your thoughts??



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