CRAZY WORLD: Jay-Z a Member of the Illuminati AND a Free Mason??

This may come as news to very few of you considering it’s been a topic of discussion for years now, but I have recently been “enligtened.”

Jay-Z is a devil-worshiping Free Mason and member of the Illuminati??

According to a slew of YouTube videos, the coincidences between Jay-Z’s lyrics, album covers, and lifestyle, with those of the Free Masons and Illuminati beliefs are far too numerous.

His newest video, “On to the Next One” is like a middle finger to all the people that believe the rumors.

Let me provide (extremely) brief facts on The Illuminati and Free Masonry.


-Founded May 1, 1776 and rumored to be the driving force behind many famous leaders
-Members are associated with being “free thinkers”
-Many historians believe world events have been controlled by the members
-Members are said to be descendants of the thirteen wealthiest families across the globe
-You can only be born into The Illuminati
-Members believe heavily in Black Magic and Satan’s powers
-Purported family memberships include: Rockefeller, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, & Rothschild
-Membership is mostly a secret


-Supposedly developed in the 16th century in Scotland
-Members do not consider membership a secret, but instead certain aspects of the organization are secret
-There is a belief in a “Supreme Being” whose identity can be determined by each individual member
-There are various degrees of Masonry with the highest, the third degree, being a Master Mason
-Heavily involved in community development and service
-Not a substitute for religion

FREE MASONS and ILLUMINATI are NOT one in the same. They are two different societies with two different beliefs.

Considering the secret nature of both societies, coming across this information involved a lot of digging. But what does this have to do with Jay-Z??


A brief summary:

-The titles of his albums: Blueprint, Blueprint 2, and Blueprint 3 play off the Free Mason idea of the three levels of Masonry and the Blueprint relates back to the Free Mason symbol of a compass and ruler, related to construction and building (from a blueprint)

-The references to Rockefeller by naming his record company “RocaFella” his clothing line “RocaWear” related to the Rockefeller family being members of the Illuminati

-The “RocaFella” diamond commonly thrown up Jay-Z and his friends, is a common symbol used in Free Masonry representing “The Eye of Providence” (or the all-seeing eye)

-A lyric in “Empire State of Mind” states “Life begins where the church ends” playing off the Illuminati belief that the church hinders a member’s “enlightenment”

-Jay-Z constant use of “all black everything” and other references of darkness (ie. The Black Album) are symbolic of the Illuminati and the member’s belief of the “absence of light”

So what do you think??

Did I leave anything significant out?? If you need more information, here are links to a couple of YouTube videos providing further information hoping to prove Jay-Z’s affiliations.

Jay-Z Exposed

Jay-Z Deception

Jay-Z is Illuminati and a Free Mason

Not trying to influence any ideas, just presenting the information.
I can rock with the Free Masonry, but the Illuminati?? Not so much. Either way, they are both secret societies and obvious affiliation using symbols of meaning to either society is more than likely unacceptable. #imjustsayin

And we won’t even begin on Oprah and Barack Obama…

More information on Free Masonry can be found at their official website found HERE.

Obviously the Illuminati doesn’t have an official website, but you can definitely Google it.


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