MUSIC WORLD: New Music for the New Year: Lupe; Wale; Jeezy; Missy; Drake; Wayne; Jamie; & MORE

Need new music for the NEW YEAR??
Well I have a lot of new music to share!

First up, Lupe‘s new track “I’m Beaming.” I cannot post a link to download it since it mysteriously disappeared after it showed up on a couple blogs.
BUT, you can listen to the YouTube post below.

“I be in outerspace, but I have inner peace…”

I wouldn’t even have known about it if it weren’t for my producer friend Kyle Ellis (check him out, he’s dope!).

I have no reason to front. I had to be (recently) put on to Wale by my girl Malia. Though I am not a devoted fan in any respect, I do like to listen to what he has to say. He interestingly jumped on the “Bedrock” beat and I dig it.

“…Your girlfriend wanna follow, she said kiss me on my lips if you wanna know how her vagina taste…”
Listen and download HERE.

Missy Elliott has decided to come back with a track featuring who else…Lil Wayne. It’s either him, Drake, or Nicki Minaj for guest appearances these days.

Of course Wayne is discussing his favorite topic, vagina. I haven’t decided if I missed Missy enough for her to come back yet. Though it does sound slightly unfinished.
Listen and Download HERE.

Yes, I listen to Young Jeezy. And yes, I like it. He has released a remix to “For My Town.”

Listen and Download HERE.

Though I am completely sick of Wheelchair Jimmy, he did drop some new music. I think no week goes by without new music from Drizzy Drake though. #imjustsayin. It’s called “It’s Been a Pleasure.”

Typical Drake track. *yawn*
Listen and Download HERE.

For closet (or public) AZ fans, a remix to “The Essence” featuring Nas has been leaked. He obviously prepping for a comeback with the recent onslaught of new tracks.

My brother was (is?) a huge fan of AZ.
Listen and Download HERE.

For my “R&B” pick, Jamie Foxx has a song featuring Lil Wayne, of course. Guess Lil Wayne is trying to stay relevant before he goes to jail. , Jamie Foxx’s voice is almost unrecognizable in this song.

I like it though. The lines of R&B and Hip-Hop have blurred sooo much. I respect Jamie for still making music though, post-Oscar and muti-million dollar paychecks from his movie roles.
Listen and Download HERE.

A few more new tracks for ya:

Greenday- Lloyd Banks f. Havoc & Cormega

Tip of my Tongue (Remix)- Jagged Edge f. Trina and Gucci Mane

Wafflehouse- Travis Porter f. Waka Flocka Flame

Meet Me In the Bedroom- Bow Wow (don’t judge before you listen)

Songs are really sexed up these days, or is that just me??


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