CRAZY WORLD: Guitar Hero Beatings?; Ray J Making Stacks; Jamie Foxx Stripping; "One Big Happy Family"

By now, everyone has heard about the recent beating of Teddy Riley’s 18 year old daughter by…Teddy Riley.

Well stories have been swirling around. One claimed that he stated he had a right to beat his children. Another story claimed that he denied the whole incident. Either way, the incident allegedly happened with a Guitar Hero guitar as a weapon.

Who would’ve thought of that? Can’t hate on the dude for being creative.

So, of course they took to Twitter.

Teddy Riley is justifying his attack.

BitaBeauty is apparently Teddy Riley’s boo-thang and Deja and Taja are his daughters. Don’t you just LOVE Twitter.

Teddy Riley
officially released a statement. You can read the whole thing HERE.


In other news, Ray J is making mucho moolah for his “For the Love of Ray J” show. According to him at least.

He recently Tweeted:

Umm…okay. I guess his imagined sex appeal and reject video vixens have helped boost his ratings. Congrats!

Moving along…

Jamie Foxx has been accused of being gay before. We all know that. Most of Hollywood has (though I strictly endorse ANY gay NeYo rumors). BUT, recent pictures have surfaced where he may need to do some damage control.

pause Apparently this was for a stripper party… FOR MEN. Jamie has some ‘splaining to do.

Thanks Bossip for the pic.

Finally, I’m not sure if you have seen the previews for a new show on TLC about a Black Obese family- The Coles. They recently went to visit a morning talk show to discuss their new series, “One Big Happy Family.”

I guess they are supposed to be chronicling their journey to a healthy weight. Why do I have a feeling TLC is exploiting them? Poor Klumps family.


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