GOSSIP WORLD: Keyshia Cole Pregnant Belly; Sean Knowles-Carter??; Jennifer Hudson Pregnant Again?!?; Usher and Nicki Minaj Sex Tape??

Happy Holidays To All My Readers!

Today is the first day of Kwanzaa: Umoja, which means Unity represents today. Why do I know this? My father, a former Black Panther & Current Muslim, made us celebrate every year! The principles are worth reading up on though.

Anywho, there have been pics circulating of Keyshia Cole‘s pregnant belly all over the net for the past few months. What once started as a rumor has definitely been confirmed by the most recent holiday pics.

The pics were taken at a community service event in East Oakland. She’s pretty f’n huge…and the ensemble is puzzling me. A pink tutu? Louboutin’s? Micro braids?? Hmm… Keysh.

Her boyfriend (soon to be baby daddy) is Cleveland Cavalier player Daniel Gibson.

If she’s happy, more power to them. View more pregnant pics HERE.

Word on the street is Sean Carter (bka Jay-Z) is taking Beyonce’s maiden name as his married name to keep the family name, Knowles, alive. *scratching head*

I guess Beyonce got that GOOD GOOD. I don’t know any man that would take his woman’s name.

Rumor has it Jennifer Hudson is pregnant…AGAIN! She just had a little boy with Punk from I Love New York, but I guess they couldn’t wait to get it in again.

Of course they shot the rumors down, but they also denied the first pregnancy. So only time will tell.

Finally, in ridiculous news…

Apparently there is a Usher and Nicki Minaj sex tape floating around. It is rumored to only last two minutes…*snickering*

I don’t believe it though. But it sure would be funny.

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