MOVIE WORLD: New Karate Kid; Sex and the City 2

Big trailers for two highly anticipated movies were released today. I am sure there will be multiple trailers for both, but here is what has been released so far.

SEX AND THE CITY 2!! The first movie was a MAJOR success ensuring the 4 friends would reunite to further tell the stories of the characters so many people are emotionally invested in. Set for release May 28, 2010 and I personally cannot wait!

As if the poster isn’t fierce enough, peep the trailer below.

There have been rumors abound about Carrie and Big moving to London, Aiden returning, and loads of flashback scenes. I try to ignore those rumors and just anticipate the exciting release.

Secondly, The Karate Kid Movie starring Will Smith’s big-haired son Jaden Smith. As an 80s baby AND having a brother that did karate (second level, yellow, check for him), I remember the original karate kid starring Ralph Macchio. He was bullied so Mr. Miyagi steps in and helps him defeat The Cobras. That movie was RAW!

Well fast forward to Summer 2010 and Taraji P. Henson and Jaden Smith have decided to do a remake. In this version they move to China.

Peep the trailer below. And if you want more info, check it HERE.

Daniel (from the original Karate Kid) was a little older than Jaden Smith’s character Dre. And Jackie Chan either got some good makeup done to age him or dude is getting old. Is it worth seeing? I’m not sure yet. Will Smith’s company Overbrook is producing it though, so the money will be all in the family!



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