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MUSIC WORLD: New Music for the New Year: Lupe; Wale; Jeezy; Missy; Drake; Wayne; Jamie; & MORE

Need new music for the NEW YEAR??
Well I have a lot of new music to share!

First up, Lupe‘s new track “I’m Beaming.” I cannot post a link to download it since it mysteriously disappeared after it showed up on a couple blogs.
BUT, you can listen to the YouTube post below.

“I be in outerspace, but I have inner peace…”

I wouldn’t even have known about it if it weren’t for my producer friend Kyle Ellis (check him out, he’s dope!).

I have no reason to front. I had to be (recently) put on to Wale by my girl Malia. Though I am not a devoted fan in any respect, I do like to listen to what he has to say. He interestingly jumped on the “Bedrock” beat and I dig it.

“…Your girlfriend wanna follow, she said kiss me on my lips if you wanna know how her vagina taste…”
Listen and download HERE.

Missy Elliott has decided to come back with a track featuring who else…Lil Wayne. It’s either him, Drake, or Nicki Minaj for guest appearances these days.

Of course Wayne is discussing his favorite topic, vagina. I haven’t decided if I missed Missy enough for her to come back yet. Though it does sound slightly unfinished.
Listen and Download HERE.

Yes, I listen to Young Jeezy. And yes, I like it. He has released a remix to “For My Town.”

Listen and Download HERE.

Though I am completely sick of Wheelchair Jimmy, he did drop some new music. I think no week goes by without new music from Drizzy Drake though. #imjustsayin. It’s called “It’s Been a Pleasure.”

Typical Drake track. *yawn*
Listen and Download HERE.

For closet (or public) AZ fans, a remix to “The Essence” featuring Nas has been leaked. He obviously prepping for a comeback with the recent onslaught of new tracks.

My brother was (is?) a huge fan of AZ.
Listen and Download HERE.

For my “R&B” pick, Jamie Foxx has a song featuring Lil Wayne, of course. Guess Lil Wayne is trying to stay relevant before he goes to jail. , Jamie Foxx’s voice is almost unrecognizable in this song.

I like it though. The lines of R&B and Hip-Hop have blurred sooo much. I respect Jamie for still making music though, post-Oscar and muti-million dollar paychecks from his movie roles.
Listen and Download HERE.

A few more new tracks for ya:

Greenday- Lloyd Banks f. Havoc & Cormega

Tip of my Tongue (Remix)- Jagged Edge f. Trina and Gucci Mane

Wafflehouse- Travis Porter f. Waka Flocka Flame

Meet Me In the Bedroom- Bow Wow (don’t judge before you listen)

Songs are really sexed up these days, or is that just me??


CRAZY WORLD: Guitar Hero Beatings?; Ray J Making Stacks; Jamie Foxx Stripping; "One Big Happy Family"

By now, everyone has heard about the recent beating of Teddy Riley’s 18 year old daughter by…Teddy Riley.

Well stories have been swirling around. One claimed that he stated he had a right to beat his children. Another story claimed that he denied the whole incident. Either way, the incident allegedly happened with a Guitar Hero guitar as a weapon.

Who would’ve thought of that? Can’t hate on the dude for being creative.

So, of course they took to Twitter.

Teddy Riley is justifying his attack.

BitaBeauty is apparently Teddy Riley’s boo-thang and Deja and Taja are his daughters. Don’t you just LOVE Twitter.

Teddy Riley
officially released a statement. You can read the whole thing HERE.


In other news, Ray J is making mucho moolah for his “For the Love of Ray J” show. According to him at least.

He recently Tweeted:

Umm…okay. I guess his imagined sex appeal and reject video vixens have helped boost his ratings. Congrats!

Moving along…

Jamie Foxx has been accused of being gay before. We all know that. Most of Hollywood has (though I strictly endorse ANY gay NeYo rumors). BUT, recent pictures have surfaced where he may need to do some damage control.

pause Apparently this was for a stripper party… FOR MEN. Jamie has some ‘splaining to do.

Thanks Bossip for the pic.

Finally, I’m not sure if you have seen the previews for a new show on TLC about a Black Obese family- The Coles. They recently went to visit a morning talk show to discuss their new series, “One Big Happy Family.”

I guess they are supposed to be chronicling their journey to a healthy weight. Why do I have a feeling TLC is exploiting them? Poor Klumps family.

MUSIC WORLD: Take It Back Tuesday- Donnell Jones "Where I Wanna Be"

Skip Throwback Thursdays.


I will use Take It Back Tuesdays to document a meaningful album, artist, video, or song from my yester-years. I am an 80’s baby, so choices will reflect that.

First up, Donell Jones.

“Where I Wanna Be” is the title track from his 1999 Sophomore album. That album alone deserves a post, but instead, I am sharing the video with you. Enjoy.

This song inspired many imitations (check YouTube if you don’t believe me) and explained the feelings of a young man in a time of confusion. His buttery smooth voice is beautiful. You can purchase the full album HERE. I don’t do R& B, so if I’m vouching, it’s good!

Where he at though??

SHOE WORLD: Supra Spring 2010

I have an appreciation for “street” fashion with no real need for it considering I have a 9-5 job.

BUT, I do own a couple pairs of Supras which I find to be high quality, extremely comfortable, eye catching (albeit slightly expensive) sneakers. I love em!

In Spring 2010, Supra is continuing their Skytop line (my fave) in addition to their other shoe styles.

It seems like they are attempting to be a little more mainstream with the last checkered “Ked”- like shoe.

Thanks The Shoe Game for the info.

If you want to buy some Supras now, visit my fave streetwear site, Karma Loop.

Feel free to use the coupon code WILDBROWN5 for 20% off your total order.

PHOTO WORLD: Amber Rose does VIBE; C. Breezy TwitPic’n; Teyana Taylor; Ms. Minaj; B5?!?

So stripper turned arm candy turned girlfriend turned model Amber Rose has a new spread in VIBE magazine. Chick is looking beyond fierce!

Can’t even hate, she’s definitely rocking it. And TheYBF just named her one of the biggest come ups of 2009, I vouch.

See more pics HERE.

So apparently TwitPics are the new way to show everyone what you’re doing… I prefer them for a bit of comic relief or stories of my day, but that’s just me. Anywho, Chris Breezy recently used TwitPics to show he had model chicks in his bed.

Ummm…okay. We see two girls…fully clothed. #thatisall


Teyanna Taylor
who’s famous for being famous also recently posed for some pics. Why? Not quite sure.

It’s hot nonetheless. *secretly wishing my boobies looked like that*


Your favorite rappers favorite Barbie… pause… left the house looking a hot plastic mess per the usual.

Told you, different chick in every pic. And I kinda feel like Amber Rose did this look already, but better. No salt.


Finally, for shits & giggles…

Remember B5? The wholesome reincarnate of New Edition presented by Diddy? Well apparently they are back. And um…better than ever?? I’ll let you be the judge.

I’m confused if they thought we missed them.
If you have nothing nice to say…well you know the rest.


MUSIC WORLD: Usher & Nicki Minaj "Little Freak"

Speaking of Usher, he’s apparently attempting to reclaim his sex symbol status.

First the “Invented Sex Remix” with Trey Songz and Keri Hilson and now

“Little Freak” featuring Nicki Minaj. *maybe this is where the sex tape rumors came from*

Listen below.

What do you think about the song? I think it’s wack.


And is Nicki Minaj gonna be the new Drake– on everyone’s tracks with no album of her own?? And why does this chick look different in every picture to me?? #imjustsayin

Usher will always be a sex symbol… 😉

And in case you’ve been under a rock, you can listen and download the “Re-Invented Sex” remix featuring Trey Songz, Usher, and Keri Hilson HERE.

VIDEO WORLD: Usher All-Star Promo; 42% of Black Women Single?!?; Slap Chop Commercial

I guess Usher is really trying to come back in full effect. Here’s a new promo for the NBA All-Star Game.

Did my eyes deceive me or is Usher still wearing that baby-sized “U” chain?
The game will be on TNT airing Sunday, February 15th on TNT @ 7PM (for those interested).

“Are their standards too high, or all the pickings too slim?”

That is the question a recent ABC interview asked to black women, 42% of whom will remain unmarried. This is scary!

According to the research, after eliminating most essential attraction factors (not in jail, high school diploma, etc.), only 54% of black men are available. Damn.
Oh and Steve Harvey can really STFU. That is all.

For shits & Giggles…
This Damn Slap Chop Commercial is hunting my nightmares! If you haven’t seen it, peep it below.

Apparently you can download the song too if you’re interested.